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Interview with Ester Xargay. By Eugenio Tisselli.

'I'm interested in writing, in the most experimental and artistic sides of poetry, when it's grafted by other languages such as image and sound, when it's involved with the research areas that are opened up by computer programs such as MIDIPoet.'

Possibilities in Locative Media

Interview with Jeremy Hight. By Carlos Katastrofsky (e-mail) and originally published in CONT3XT.NET

" Locative Media - recently becoming more popular in media art discourses - has roots dating back to the dawn of history. Early myths like the Gilgamesch Epic or - more specific - Homer's Odyssey deal with issues of location and the "recording" of movement on earth's surface.
Developments since then include medieval cartography as well as the Situationists approach to mapping a city. Nowadays Locative Media uses technology to trigger artworks in a specific physical space. "

Lance Blisters

Interview with Lance and Ilan. By Ana Carvalho (e-mail).

'Whereas most of my earlier projects had been DJ/Remix/Mashup sets, LANCE was original music, discrete songs, with vocals, about political topics. The nature of the material lent itself to very literal, concrete visual depictions of the songs' subjects, which is how Ilan approached it.'

Cinema Solubile

Interview with Federico Bonelli. By VJ Theory (chat and e-mail).

"A movie to be conceived, acted, shot, edited and seen in 24 hours. And destroyed after."

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