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June 07
META/DATA, A Digital Poetics

New book by Mark Amerika
A collection of textual mixes on net art, VJing, technology, theory and personal fictional narrative.
published by MIT

May 07
Intercontinental Skype Discussion with VJ Theory: Future Directions
1-3 pm, Saturday, May 26th at the VIVO (Video In | Video Out), 1965
Main Street, Vancouver

Here you will find the text chat that took place online at the same time and the video chat with VIVO in Vancouver.

We expect this presentation will be of interest to practitioners and people interested in the area of vjing and realtime interaction (theorists, developers, programmers, artists, activists).

This presentation/discussion hopes to create awareness and get people interested in the vjtheory project. We would also like to receive feedback from the participants on the work done so far and ways in which it could expand, specifically, what people want in terms of interacting with each other online about vjing.

We would like to focus our presentation on the subject of community development: How does VJ Theory become a platform for the development
of theory informed by individual and collective practice and theory originated by a community instead of an author or group of defined authors.

Participants should expect to get more familiar with the vjtheory project and people involved (contributors and editorial body), providing the opportunity to ask questions to the editors about contributions or any other relevant subject. People can also participate by introducing examples of communities they are familiar with and expressing their ideas on what kinds of interaction they may like to find in a site such as vjtheory.net.


VJ Theory
Philosophy and Theory of VJing and Realtime Interaction
Editors: Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne
Co-editors: Lara Houston and Paul Mumford

The Escape Artists Society
(T.E.A.S.) is a small Vancouver media performance society, putting works of media art, performance media, music/sound art, and visual art events into predominantly unusual locations ­ inserting Œour¹ world into Œthere¹ world­ penetrating public perceptions of culture, genre and form. www.escapeartists.ca

VIVO Media Arts
(Video In | Video Out) is a 33 year old media
centre focusing on the exhibition, production, education and distribution of video and interdisciplinary media art. www.vivomediaarts.com

April 07
Mapping Festival

Geneva, Switzerland
From April 26th to May 13th 2007.
VJ Theory will be presenting the project on the 4th of May at the BAC at 17:00
To know more, visit Mapping Festival website


March 07
Let's Chat
About realtime interaction

We would like to invite you to participate on the discussion/chats VJ Theory is organizing.
For this project, six of our contributors moderate six chats online. Each chat last one hour and has as subject a specific theme within the area of realtime interaction.
Know more about these events


March 07
iRes Research Salon with Andrew Bucksbarg

Open Research Meetings facilitate the developing network of art practitioners interested in interactive art in and around University College Falmouth. Meetings occur when particular themes are proposed.

Andrew Bucksbarg aka N_Drew creates audio-visual/VJ performance and interactive works, exploring digital-organic forms, live A/V processes and participatory technoculture, enthralling audiences with images, beats, ambient sounds and pixilated atmospheres. The artist performs with custom interfaces and game joystics to mix and manipulate audio-visual material in real-time. As a researcher and writer, Andrew reflects in an innovative way on networks and technology within social structures. Bucksbarg's practice is informed by and informs his writings.

Hosted by iRes researchers Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne as part of their ongoing research into VJ Theory.

To reserve your place, please email ires@falmouth.ac.uk


March 07
(somewhat informal) Call for Works - Copyleft and FLOSS-Made Audiovisual Works
The Brazilian International Free Software Forum of this year will have an internal TV circuit dedicated to the exhibition of copyleft and FLOSS-made audiovisual works, as well as to live presentations.

Anything goes: short fictional movies, feature films, videoclips, documentaries, animations, VJing showreels, video recordings of seminars and roundtables, etc. Any genre, format or duration.

The submissions can be made through by e-mail. Please, send a PVT wit your work to Gabriel Menotti at the following e-mail address:


February 07
PULSE is the first collaboration between Alain Thibault (audio) and Matthew Biederman a.k.a. DelRay (imagery). Through the performance they seek to induce a series of psychological states through improvised compositions of tightly coupled pulsations of light and sound. The performance is entirely live; no pre-recorded video segments are used - they are instead, synthesized in real-time via Biederman's custom software written specifically for the performances, which is highly inspired by early video hardware synthesizers.

To be presented at FILE festival in RIO, Brasil March 24th, DONAU Festival in KREMS, Austria, April 27th and ELEKTRA Festival in Montreal, Canada, May 9th-13th

Know more about this performance


January 07
What is VJing and realtime interaction
We are asking you to send us an e-mail back with your personal description of VJing or/and realtime interaction. Rather than reifying a single definition we are looking for individual perspectives. The description can be a short paragraph or even a single sentence, an image (600X400, jpeg max) or a small video (send us the link to the video hosted on the Internet together with an image to link to from our website).
We will put all contributions on VJTheory.net.
Each contribution should be accompanied with your name, e-mail address and website.
Please feel free to send this to anyone who you think might come up with a good idea.


December 06
A day about Vjing and realtime interaction.
25th January 2007
University College Falmouth.
More Information


September 06
Live networked performance at VisitorsStudio.
2nd September 2006. Joberg-Derby-London.
Read more


August 06
Launch of VJ Theory website
Phase 1 is structured and ready to accept content. Visitors to the website can have an idea about the project.


July 06
New Call for texts

You might have already heard of, or even already be a contributor to, the VJ Theory project.
If you haven't then the project falls into two areas:
samples of work from the forthcoming book and the project/community which lives at: vjtheory.net

Although we have received an excellent response in contributions for the book, there are also areas that, we as editors, feel need to be developed more.  

Areas we still need material:  
+ Politics (activism, guerrilla, community focused realtime interaction and performance)
+ Intellectual property
+ DIY culture
+ Realtime interaction and performance as developing tools (pd/GEM/Arduino or MAX/MSP/Jitter as used in performance programming for example)
+ Body  

If you know of any text which address these areas in relation to realtime interaction (either published or not) then please let us know.

We also welcome other contributions you might have to the content of the web site  
We are accepting full texts, between 3000 and 5000 words. Deadline for submissions:31st August.


July 06
Hybrid methodologies in VJing and real time interaction

VJ Theory will present a discussion document which explores some of the initial questions and ideas which have been raised during the collection of articles for the VJ Theory Book and related project. The paper concentrates on a key area which is the increased use of multiple methodological approaches in attempting to examine the new processes of real time interactions.
We hope to gather views from other participants in the session which can be fed back to this site.
A draft of the paper to be presented will be available on this site at the beginning of September.

Perform.Media is an international media arts festival and symposium creating an innovative venue for creative and intellectual work around the momentary process and performance in new media art and culture. Perform.Media is a festival of work on networks, in spaces, perfomances and symposia.

Bloomington, Indiana University
September 29th to October 14th, 2006

If you would like to contribute with news of an event, festival or symposium, we would be pleased to hear from you.