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A blog where you can view lectures by major contemporary philosophers and theorists related to art and performance. Examples include: Jacques Rancière on politics, Slavoj Zizek on psychoanalysis and Eric Alliez on Anti-Oedipus 30 Years On (Deleuze and Guattarri).

Situationist International
Database on the Situationist International (including translations to other languages), put together by Ken Knabb.

Bruno Latour
Latour's web site with all the links for Actor-Network Theory (ANT). Check out 'PARIS: Invisible City'

Michel Foucault
Not necessarily about real-time processing, but Foucault's work is drawn upon by many contributors to the book

Deleuze and Guattari
Notes and lectures (in PDF)




Related projects

CTHEORY is an international peer-reviewed journal of theory, technology and culture, publishing articles, interviews, event-scenes and reviews of key books.

REMIX EVERYTHING... Remix Theory is an online resource by Eduardo Navas that offers some of his research on Remix. Navas focuses on Remix itself as opposed to Remix Culture.

You will find reviews of books on issues related with various media. The structure uses tags to link the generally intertextual themes together.

Database of information on the broad area of new media including work on realtime media.

Blog on performance and networks from its many perspectives.

Art from code - Generator.x is largely about generative strategies in art and design. Includes some excellent realtime work and some critiques.

Can narrative work in a club Vj scenario and will the audience be receptive to it?
The purpose of the Narrative Lab is not to argue the plausibility or suitability, but to explore the benefits and to encourage collaborative projects through VJ forums and future AVIT events.
The Narrative Lab

A monthly Italian online magazine on electronic culture. This magazine is part of Digicult, a project of multiple outcomes, which connect groups and practitioners in many ways.
Most of the articles in Digimag are interviews, in Italian, but there are a few with translation to English.




Books on VJing and realtime interaction

META/DATA, A Digital Poetics
This book by Mark Amerika, or professor VJ (check out his blog) is a collection of textual mixes on net art, VJing, technology, theory and personal fictional narrative.

VJ Book by Timothy Jaegar
Places the practice of VJing in film theory and some relevant examples of current practicioners.
Complete text available online.

Other books that relate to VJing as a practice.
Ve-Ja Xarene Eskander
How to DVJ by Charles Kriel

Paul Spinrad, The VJ Book: Inspirations and Practical Advice for Live Visuals Performance, Feral House
The interviews with relevant practitioners and presentation of related technicalities, makes the book a reference for those who have an interest in starting to VJ.




Research centres

Iota Center

Asterik - centre for Narrative Research


STEIM Performance Lab

iRes - Interactive Art and Design Research Cluster

Center for Research on Intermediality

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Academic Courses

The programme focuses on the processes and products of creative enquiry into the contemporary networked world, and on the relationship between artist and audience.
Students have the opportunity to explore the practical and theoretical aspects of radical new ways of working which focus on engaging audiences in dialogue. You will gain hands-on experience of contributing to networks, enabling you to engage directly with your audiences.
MA Interactive Art & Design, University College Falmouth (UK)

Too often, media design has simply been the arrangement of pixels and plug-ins. For us, the computer and the networks are where dynamics that are aesthetic, social, political, technical, spatial, linguistic, economic and numerical, meet and shape each other. The role of the designer is to track, sort and remix these dynamics in relation to others.
MA Media Design, Piet Zwart Institute (NL)

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Related projects
Books on VJing and realtime interaction
Research centres
Academic Courses

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