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What is VJing
and realtime interaction


We are asking for contributions to a broader description of VJing and realtime interaction.
Looking forward to hearing what your perceptions of these practices might be.

The call sent by e-mail:

We would like to have a broader description of VJing and realtime interaction to add to the existing one. Rather than reifying a single definition we would prefer individual perspectives. So we are asking you to send us an e-mail back with your personal description of VJing or/and realtime interaction. This description can be a short paragraph or even a single sentence, an image (600X400, jpeg max) or a small video (send us the link to the video hosted on the Internet together with an image to link to from our website). We will put all contributions on VJTheory.net. Each contribution should be accompanied with your name, e-mail address and website. Please feel free to send this to anyone who you think might come up with a good idea.


Realtime interaction is a generic definition for interactive installation art and for other events such as VJing where the moment and time (and sometimes the space) define the work. Audio, visual and physical elements and also the public are involved in the event in different ways. VJing it's the action of mixing visuals in a live/performance environment such as a club.


Contributions received so far:

Andrew Bucksbarg
Eugenio Tisselli
Federico Bonelli
Gabriel Menotti
Holger Lund
Jeremy Hight
Joe Reinsel
Lucy H G/ L Hermes Griesbach
Michael Betancourt
Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, Furtherfield